Functional Nutrition and a Life Well Lived


Clear Nutritional Guidance to Support You in Your Healing and Flourishing



Initial Consultation & Follow ups 

Prior to our initial consultation you will have filled out an extensive health history questionnaire and 3-day diet journal. Then we will meet for our initial consultation which lasts roughly an hour and a half. During which time we will go over any pertinent findings from your intake forms, discuss your challenges and goals, and through a collaborative effort begin to establish an individualized protocol for you to Thrive.

Follow ups are 60min and in the beginning may need to be every two weeks. Eventually working itself to monthly, until Vital Origins services are no longer needed. 

Initial Consultation-$150.00

Follow up-$100 

Grocery Shopping Tours

Grocery shopping tours are diet and condition specific and oriented towards your needs. The task between 60-75min. and are very thorough, bring a notebook. This is a opportunity to ask any questions, learn about reading food labels, and what to consider when making good choices based on budget, etc. 

Grocery shopping tours- $75-90.00

Cooking classes

Learning to cook delicious and nutritious meals at home is always going to be the corner stone to your success and health. Our cooking classes are based on where your skills currently are and what you need. They range from knife skills, batch cooking/meal prep, how to prepare veggies, meat preparation, soups, sauces, snacks, how to use the whole animal, food storage, and efficiency.  Classes are usually two hours long. 

Cooking Classes- $160.00