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Your thriving has no start date!

We are fresh into the second month of 2017. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions with grand intentions on changing our lives. If you’re anything like me, you make about 50 of them pertaining to just about every aspect of your life, providing yourself with an impossible goal and all of the accompanying anxiety and self judgement that comes along with that. I acknowledge your ambition, and my own. I acknowledge your failures and successes, as well as my own. We fail; it is inevitable. We continue to apply ourselves toward achieving our goals; it is a choice. 

New Year’s resolutions provide a great sense of momentum for ourselves to reflect and take stock on where we are and what we want to work on for ourselves and achieve in our lives. That's great. They also provide us with this arbitrary starting point of January 1 of whatever year. That is good news. 

January 1 is arbitrary and you need not be beholden to it. Tomorrow will never be here. This moment is all we have. This moment is all we ever have. Your well-being will not wait for you in some distant future and it doesn't judge you for having an off day. We choose every day to go for our thriving or go for our dying. 

So if you have lost momentum regarding your New Year’s resolutions, don't fret. The choice is yours. At Vital Origins, we believe in holding the long view and here we are not denying that. It is the choices, the sometimes seemingly little choices, that we make today that aid us on our way. Jim Rohn said "Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced everyday." 

It isn't easy to begin a journey to wellness or to implement a new technique or habit in our lives, but it can be done. Celebrating the successes and learning from our failures, not being afraid to fail, contribute to our momentum. Every time we make a choice in integrity with our values and goals, it gets easier. We build the fire of discipline one log at a time, and when the fire gets raging it is almost impossible to extinguish. 

Let today be what you live for. Imbue it with the enthusiasm you have for your overarching passions and long term goals. Let the choices you make now be generated from the caring heart and bright mind that can hold within it the image of the future you are striving for. 

Ryan Hall