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Vital Origins Essence

We are not above this world!

This is Vital Origins essential philosophy. 

We believe that much of the difficulties we face in our health, our psyche, our spirit, our lives, and our world stem from losing touch with where we have come from. We stand on this Earth, the pinnacle of millions of years of evolution, falling to pieces before our eyes. The rate of chronic disease soar, the environment and climate seem to have developed a personality disorder, and we wonder how we got here. It's simple really. 

At Vital Origins we believe that in order to return to health and grow ourselves well, that we must, through our choices, pay homage to our ancestry. For most of the past 2.5 million years our ancestors have thrived on this earth. They used their bodies daily, ate an abundance of wild foods full of macro and micronutrients, plants and animals, that they had to go out an get, and moved with the cycles of the day. We in no way mean to imply that we need to revert to hunter gatherer type living in order to thrive. We are saying that we need to acknowledge our past and incorporate some of the time tested habits that our physiology has grown up with. 

Vital Origins have found that in order to actualize our health and potential we must integrate four fundamental aspects of our humanness: Nutrition, Movement, Stress Management, and Sleep. Vital Origins is committed to being a wellspring of support and knowledge on the path to your thriving.

Ryan Hall